Races: Coined by Daynah, Cecaniah and Emma118, where you basically race each other from one place to another... On foot. In the defense of those-who-have-not-so-good-wifi, it is merely for the heck of it.

Tag: Another event made for the laughs. Mainly set in Fort Bailune, where members run around trying to... Run into each other.

Mentoring and Apprenticeship: Of personal interest... A more experienced member can choose to take a newer Irunian as his or her apprentice. Mainly includes levelling and teaching / being taught the basics of the game and provision of booster equipment :> No applications required, just the consent of both parties. Huge pat on the back to Emma and Daynah for inventing this.

Farming and Casual Levelling. Come on, you know what that means.
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